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How to pop an annoying zit?

i have had a huge zit on the higher part of my nose for months and it has popped twice and still hasnt gone away. I have no idea how to make it go away. any ideas??How to pop an annoying zit?
After popping it (gently!) apply a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide or a face wash with salycyclic acid. Do this for about a week, and it should be totally gone and shouldn't come back. You could just break out in that spot a lot and it could be a different zit...just make sure to keep that part of your face super-clean. Good luck!How to pop an annoying zit?
go into a humid room for 10 minutes

dampen a towel and gently squeese the blemish with it.

Then put on a mild abbrasive and then wash off.

Begin using an apricot scrub.
I can't belive the answer that said use her suggestion and in a week it will be gone.. LOL Don't touch it and in a week it will be gone! HA HA HA Sheesh!
Find an Oriental/Chinese store near you and buy Pearl Cream. It is one of the best things for getting rid of pimples ever. Only use it at night as it is a type of makeup and is extremely obvious.
put some toothpaste on it! don't pop it, though. dude....gosh.
i think i once had that under my eye/beside my nose. at first it was realy big. i poped it. it healed. then i noticed it was still there, only more under the skin. i poped it a gain. i still have it but its very small and people cant see it unless they comeup to me and fel it, wich people dont do lol. last time i went to the docters for a check up i asked him about that. he said to give it a few monthes. il naturally dissaper.
if it hasntgon away for months then go to the doctor. he'l giv u a cream that wil dry it up sooooooooooooooon
What you need to do is make sure your diet is healthy. Limit the amount of sweets you eat and make sure you are washing your face often. I have also seen success with acne by washing my bed sheets as often as possible. For the time being I would place a warm rag on the pimple until it comes to a head. Pop it and then let it drain. Follow these steps until it is completely drained and then continue to wash your face at least twice a day with an exfoliating scrub. I use Nivea for men, works great. Good Luck.
Apply calamine lotion right before bed. The zit will disappear before morning.
if its been there for 2 months then you should definitely go to a dermatologist or a doctor, it might not be just a zit, its probably infected.
Um......maybe it's not a zit, go to a dermatologist and have him/her check it out.
You either need to get some antibiotic cream, not ointment and put it on there twice a day or go to a dermatologist as this sounds like a boil, not a zit.

When i was a child i was seen by a GP who gave me a sulphur ointment for my zits. where do i buy it now?

when i was a child i was lucky enough to be seen by a GP who gave me a pep talk when i walked into his surgery as a spotty teenager looking for antinbiotics and miracle creams. He gave me a sulphur ointmentand told me to stop using soap and expensive and usless cosmetic and skin product. my zits went within a week. now my daughter (poor thing) has them and i dont know where do i buy sulphur ointment because outr modern pharmacies are so uptodate they dont boterwith 'those sort of oldy ointmnts' ';!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone help me???When i was a child i was seen by a GP who gave me a sulphur ointment for my zits. where do i buy it now?
Most Pharmacies will still sell the preparation. I don't know where you live but the Helios place in Tunbridge-Wells sells it. I am sure you can find it online too.


Helios is online, I don't support quackery but they do sell other products apart from Homoeopathy:-

I can't find it on their site but I know they do sell it, it's not considered beneficial to acne which is why it's not longer prescribed. I tried it before myself. Evidence honestly shows it doesn't work but if you want to use it then give Helios a call, they deliver too.When i was a child i was seen by a GP who gave me a sulphur ointment for my zits. where do i buy it now?
I would read the ingredients of some of the high street zit creams as many have sulphur in them. I am certain that clearasil does.
I done some research when I noticed that the sulpher ointment would perhaps work for my son. Walgreens has

De La Cruz

Sulfer Ointment 10%

Zinc works to heal as well; if you can find it.

What is wrong with my skin?!!? one day it's flawless and smooth and the next day i have zits?

Seriously, just two days ago my face was soo smooth with no zits, and today i have 4! they just show up like that! and most of the time they're the kind of zits that are under the skin too! i wash my face daily and use tea tree oil.

how can i keep it smooth and zit free? im reallyy considering buying proactiv ... but does it really work? or is there anything available in stores that works just as good?What is wrong with my skin?!!? one day it's flawless and smooth and the next day i have zits?
you prob got it cuz of stressWhat is wrong with my skin?!!? one day it's flawless and smooth and the next day i have zits?
I tried Proactiv and it worked for me very well. I saw results in about a week. Another option is Klear Action, it has the same ingredients as Proactiv, but it costs $9 less. Also, eating oily, salty foods can cause zits, so can lots of stress. Eating vegetables and fruits will also help get your skin under control.
it's probably just your hormones

just keep on cleaning it consistently
Your a teenager dahling, just use face masks and a good moisturizer, its fine everyone has spots at your age.
Blitz those zits to bits with tooth paste, use when going to bed.

Okay so I have never had an achne problem, but I was on accutane to get rid of the zits I would get every?

now and then, well now I have been getting a few ever so often and I am wondering if I should just go back onto accutane and get rid of them for good. The dermatologist thinks I am being crazy and over reacting, but it's my buisness if I want a flawless face. Do you think this is a good idea?Okay so I have never had an achne problem, but I was on accutane to get rid of the zits I would get every?
Accutane is definately not good for your skin, especially if you don't have severe acne. Right now I'm thinking about buying ClearComplex from Look around there are many other options besides Accutane.Okay so I have never had an achne problem, but I was on accutane to get rid of the zits I would get every?
Hey there,

I understand what it feels like to want flawless skin...I think everyone wants that. But I think going on accutane a second time is really not a good idea. I took accutane once for very bad acne on my back and chest, but only after I had tried absolutely everything. I spent probably 5 years trying to find an alternative solution until finally I decided to take accutane because it was really interfering with my life.

But accutane can have very serious side effects, especially if you are older and could potentially see yourself having children in the next few can cause serious birth defects, but I don't know if that applies to you or not. Even if you don't see yourself having kids anytime soon, there are serious risks to taking accutane that you need to consider.

You have to make a judgement call between the risks/benefits of taking this medication. In my case, the acne that I was experiencing was interfereing with my quality of life because it was so severe, and so in order to gain a HUGE benefit, I had to take a bit of a risk. But the benefit of preventing a couple of random pimples here and there doesn't really outweigh the risks that are associated with accutane, especially since the risks are now doubled since it will be your second time around.

That being said, wanting great skin is a worthy goal and one which you should be able to accomplish, but you will probably be more successful putting some other things into practice, rather than taking the medication again. Accutane is intended for acne that is so serious that it is too difficult to treat using other methods. But if you just get one or two here and there, there are other things you can do! I would suggest scheduling a facial. I have yet to have one but plan to, because I hear they can give you that extra boost to make your skin as close to perfect as it will get! Also, take some time to try out different skin care brands to find out what works for you. I use clinique and find that it works really well.

It's also important to remember that everyone, even the richest celebrities in the world who have every skin care solution at their disposal, still gets blemishes here and there. Nothing can prevent them completely, you can just keep them under control. I wish there was a sure-fire solution to ensure that my skin would be perfect ALL of the time, but unfortunately, there isn't one, not even accutane. I would suggest that you take the Doctors advice. Persuading him to give you the medication again when he doesn't feel it is necessary makes him compromise his integrity as a doctor since ultimately, he is responsible for perscribing the medication. As a professional, he is expected to make responsible decisions if something were to go wrong with you, he would be partly at fault.

I hope this helps! If you decide to try out different skin care methods, post a new question and I would be happy to give you some advice about specific products that I've used and loved!
don,t smother your face in such..rarely wash your face ..then only with a mild soap..mostly rinse your face in warm ..not hot..water..and pat it dry with a soft towel..don't eat chocolates..or other greasy foods..if you wash your face too often you remove the skins defences thus letting impurities in..frank..
no I would make sure you cleansing regimine is better and drink more water and ingest less toxins. if the dermatologist thinks you are being absurd perhaps you are. if you want perfect skin you have to put in healthy ingredients in your mouth. why take a pill that your body doesn't need, that doesn't sound healthy.
flawless skin and the side effects of accutane. Not such a great combo%26gt; you are crazy!
It is possible that in your quest for flawless skin, you might actually make it worse. I suggest just using a face wash, benzoyl peroxide, and moisturizer. Cetaphil has a great skin care line. Washes and moisturizers. It's expensive, but worth it. Ask your dermatologist if he is willing and able to give you a prescription for the products that way insurance can cut the cost if you need it. Don't put make up on your young skin on a regular basis, save it for special occasions. You'll find your natural beauty will last and you won't need to enhance it even as you get older. Drink a lot of water too.
I was on Accutane also and I do get a zit every now and then again but it is not as nearly as bad. Right now I just use Clean %26amp; Clear Persa Gel 10 when I get a zit and it dries it up quickley and the zit goes away. I would try that.
I was on accutane for awhile. It is a strong prescription!! Why don't you try Proactive for awhile. It helped me.

How do you get rid of an under the skin zit (Please help)?

Don't tell me how gross this is unless it's constructive. I know. It's on my face.

Anyway, I have a HUGE under the skin zit on my chin. I have a bump maybe the size of a quarter there and I don't want to wait for it to come to a head. How can I pop it or use another method to make it go away by tomorrow? I need to make a good impression.. tomorrow morning! Help!How do you get rid of an under the skin zit (Please help)?
Well i can tell you one thing, if you touch it you will make it worse so DONT!!! stress will definintely aggravate it I promise you so try not to think about it. It may be hard but if you busy yourself and ban yourself from looking in the mirror for the night you should be ok. I don't know what creams you have in your house but you can buy over the counter creams. If not put a huge blob of toothpaste on it which should dry it out. I used to have bad skin so I know how you feel. If I wanted to draw attention away from a spot I would try to accentuate my eyes or lips too. I remember once I had a massive spot and was going to a disco the next night. I actually forgot about it and it was gone the next day so just try not to pay too much attention to it.How do you get rid of an under the skin zit (Please help)?
Whatever you do don't touch it as the oils from your fingers will make it worse. I suggest putting on a good face mask, splashing your face with cold water and leaving tea tree cream oil on overnight. In the morning if it still hasn't gone put some concealer on or put lots of make up on your eyes so it doesn't look as prominent.

Best of luck xx
Lisa's right.

Last weekend i had a HUUUGE one right between my eyes!

it was gross..

So i put on lots of eyes make up and tried to forget it, and it was hardly noticable the next day!

It didnt even turn into a whitehead!

But thanks again lisa, that toothpaste thing is actually a goo idea:)
I know from experience if you mess with those kind of spots it only makes them worse. Leave it alone and it may go down overnight.
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  • I was wondering if anyone out there has a problem with red bumps on there temples but they arnt zits?

    I have had red,pimple like bumps some with white heads on my temples and forhead now for about four months... They arnt zits but Sometimes they have clear liquid inside them. They dont hurt. When i pop them they stay around for days!! Face scrubs, soaps, and shampoo just make them worse.... Its realy messing my self confidence up bad!!!! any suggestions on what to do to treat this!!I was wondering if anyone out there has a problem with red bumps on there temples but they arnt zits?
    omg i totally understand. ivetried alot. you can pick and them and **** but theynever go away. thanks for your question.I was wondering if anyone out there has a problem with red bumps on there temples but they arnt zits?
    You might be allergic to a product you are using on your hair or your face. Switch to extra gentle shampoo and face products. Use some hydrocortisone cream and see if that helps clear it up - hydrocortisone will clear it right up if it is an allergy. Also, if you wear a bike helmet, sunglasses or some other thing that touches that area regularly, be sure that item is cleaned and sanitized. My bike helmet makes my forehead break out when it gets really hot.
    It could be ingrown hairs, they're quite small, and just swell a bit, causing some inflammation (that red part, and the white plasma that comes out)

    Try finding ';blemish fighting'; face soap, and look for something at the drug store that stops ingrown hairs. if it persists, go to the dermatologist, they have steroidal creams and that for treatment.

    I got my first zit how do i get rid of it?

    I turned 15 a few weeks ago and I have had clear face my whole life. I just got one little zit. how do i get rid of the sucker?I got my first zit how do i get rid of it?
    apply proactive or benzoyl peroxide2.5 its very effective for acne and pimples鈥?br>

    drink 8-10 glasses of water

    Crush mint leaves to extract the juices. Apply the juice to your face every night. This acne home remedy also the tooth paste works too. To remove the redness apply the eye drops which reduces the redness I think its called Visine it instantly removes the redness.

    apply ice to your face regularly it closes the pores so that would definitely reduce the acne breakout

    check this site to find out how to get rid of pimples and its mark , it has good home remedies hope this helps鈥?/a>
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