Thursday, June 24, 2010

How do I get rid of a huge zit with no head on it?

i have this zit on the middle of my chin. It dosen't have a head or anything!!! please help its really ugly and i want it gone!!!!! PLEASE HELPHow do I get rid of a huge zit with no head on it?
I have an acne cure that has won me the best answer three times. Each time, the person said it worked great. I'll copy and paste it below.

Use a hot compress on it, and then use cool water to close the pores. Do the process over and over again, about five or six times. Use soap to wash the area, and then treat it with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. It should be gone within five to six hours.How do I get rid of a huge zit with no head on it?
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Try opening it with a pin and tab peroxide on it with a Q-tip. I have used this remedy before and it really helped me.
Ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? They used windex (I think) Leave it alone! Trust me it'll get nastier and uglier if you mess with it! Just be sure to wash your face really good at night and in the morning before you put your makeup on (if you wear makeup). You'll look like you're trying to grow an octopus on your face if you mess with it too much.
Try a hot compress. It should get a whitehead soon afterwards and then lance it very carefully. Unfortunately those nasty things sort of work in their own time. Good luck.
Wash with warm water than conclude with cold
try putting some toothpaste on it and let it work overnite....

had a zit on the tip of my nose and used that little trick.
Apply a hot, damp washcloth for about 30 minutes. Make sure to keep rewetting your washcloth in hot water. It will eventually make the head come out and then you can pop it.
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